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Global Language Resources Special Collections
Texts in SGML/XML Format
   The Enfolded Hamlet (combined versions of the Second Quarto and First Folio)
   John Donne Online (the works of John Donne, including audio recordings and a DjVu manuscript)
Texts in DjVu Format
   Bibles in English Douay-Rheims and King James (Parallel Editions, 1582, 1609, 1611 in DjVu and PDF)
   William Blake's Songs of Innocence (texts and illustrations in DjVu)
   Character Sketches from Charles Dickens (texts and illustrations in DjVu)
   The Cambridge Edition of the Poets (Twelve Volumes of Complete Editions in DjVu)
   The Illustrated Shakespeare (Concordance and Complete Verplanck Edition in DjVu)
   E. A. Sonnenschein's The Soul of Grammar (the entire book in DjVu)
   William Wordsworth The Prelude (Parallel Editions, 1805, 1850 in DjVu and PDF)
   The Century Dictionary (the entire dictionary available in DjVu)
   DjVu Editions (E-books for People Who Love Books in DjVu and PDF)
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