SHEE is dead; And all which die
    To their first Elements resolve;
And wee were mutuall Elements to us,
            And made of one another.
    My body then doth hers involve,
And those things whereof I consist, hereby
In me abundant grow, and burdenous,
            And nourish not, but smother.
    My fire of Passion, sighes of ayre,
Water of teares, and earthly sad despaire,
                    Which my materialls bee,
But neere worne out by loves securities
Shee, to my losse, both by her death repaire,
    And I might live long wretched so
But that my fire doth with my fuell grow.
                Now as those Active Kings
    Whose foraine conquest treasure brings,
Receive more, and spend more, and soonest breake:
This (which I am amaz'd that I can speake)
                This death, hath with my store
                        I My use encreas'd.
And so my soule more earnestly releas'd,
Will outstrip hers; As bullets flowen before
A latter bullet may o'rtake, the ponder being more.